Our Procedural Consultation Services as a Primary Adoption Service Provider!

In accordance with the Universal Accreditation Act that was implemented on July 14, 2014, all U.S. citizens are now required to work with a Hague Accredited Agency in the U.S. as their primary adoption service provider, whether the country from which they are adopting is Hague Accredited or not and whether the child they are adopting is a relative or non-relative or has been privately identified or not.

For families who are adopting through one or C.A.I.’s child placing programs, C.A.I. functions as the primary adoption service provider.  However, if you are adopting a privately identified child either from one of the countries within which C.A.I. works or from another country and you are seeking a primary adoption service provider, please consult with one of our Adoption Coordinators in order to determine whether our agency will be able to assist.