Homestudy Services

The Homestudy is a collaborative process through which the interviewer/caseworker assists the prospective adoptive parent(s) explore his/her motivations and suitability for adoption.  The goal of the homestudy is to decide whether the adoptive placement of a child in the particular home being studied is appropriate.  Hopefully, during the process, prospective adoptive parents will learn more about themselves, and they will be able to make informed decisions including whether adoption is a suitable option.  Creative Adoptions, Inc.’s Homestudy process includes a mandatory adoptive parenting and training program that is Hague compliant and it ends when a mutually agreed upon decision is reached, either to proceed toward adoption or to withdraw the application.

Completing the Homestudy process is an essential first step as you start on your adoption journey. As a full service agency, Creative Adoptions, Inc. is able to provide Homestudy/Homestudy update services and/or post-placement/post-adoption services for Maryland residents, whether Creative Adoptions, Inc. is the child placing agency or not.  As part of the service, we provide you with an orientation to the Homestudy/Homestudy update process, as well as in-depth ongoing consultations as we guide you in the compilation of all the various validating documents and assist you in initiating all the Maryland State required clearances and inspections.


Q: How long does a Homestudy take to complete?

A: Approximately 2 to 3 months. In accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, the formal interviews cannot begin until certain validating documents have been submitted. As such, some of the timeframe depends on you. However, we have found that motivated families are usually able to gather the required documents in a few weeks. Another factor that influences the timeframe is the clearances that are required; there are some that may take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to be completed. Please also see below information on our Expedited Homestudy Service.

Q: Do I need to have all of my documents gathered before I apply?

A: No. Part of our services is reviewing with you the documents required. Of course, you may certainly submit any documents you have on hand with your application.

Q: Can my child placing agency review my homestudy before it is finalized?

A: Yes. We also submit your Homestudy draft to you to review first and then typically submit it to your child placing agency for review thereafter.

Q: Can you help me apply to Immigration?

A: Yes. We provide guidance regarding how to complete the I-600A/I-800A application,  as well as how and where to file.


1.To assist in identifying an appropriate child.

2.For presentation either to the relevant authorities in the U.S., if a domestic adoption, or to the country of origin of the child as the core document of the formal adoption dossier, if an international adoption.

3.For presentation to the National Benefit Center of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with the Department of Homeland Security for consideration in the approval process of adopting a foreign-born child and obtaining a visa for the child for lawful entry into the U.S.


1.Reasons for Adopting

2.Family Background and History

3.Educational and Employment Background

4.Family and Marital Relationships and Support Networks

5.Parenting Notions and Expectations

6.Health Status

7.Financial Situation

8.Home and Neighborhood

9.Problem-Solving Abilities and Coping Skills

10.Thoughts and Feelings about Adoption, Transcultural and Transracial issues, etc.

Note: Other members of the prospective adoptive household will be seen/interviewed.  Any other adult member of the household will also take part in the child abuse and criminal clearance process.


Q:  How fast can you complete my Homestudy?

A: As mentioned above, the standard Homestudy process typically takes approximately 2 to 3 months.  However, under certain conditions, we are able to complete an expedited Homestudy in approximately 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the county within which you live, the other states and/or countries within which you and any other adult household members have lived since age 18, and what the circumstances of your particular case are.

Q:  Who should consider an expedited Homestudy?

A:  Prime candidates for this service are families who are:

• facing a deadline regarding the country they want to adopt from;

• adopting (or who have already adopted and are now immigrating) identified children;

• at risk for becoming ineligible for a particular country’s adoption if they wait too long; or

• extremely motivated to get moving once they make the final decision to adopt, where to adopt from, etc. and expediting the process makes a significant difference.

Q:  Are there any other general conditions for an expedited homestudy?

A: Families choosing our expedited services must recognize that they will have to be flexible with their schedules so that meetings with C.A.I. staff can be arranged relatively quickly, fingerprinting for criminal record clearances can be done at the CJIS office in Baltimore or any authorized private providers, home inspections can be scheduled during regular business hours, and paperwork can be gathered with relative ease.

Q: I am interested in your expedited Homestudy service.  What should I do now?

A:  Please call our office and speak with an Adoption Coordinator to confirm whether you are eligible for these services. We can answer any additional questions you may have as well as make arrangements to receive your application and schedule the initial meetings as efficiently as possible. It will be our pleasure to team with you in providing this special service, if you are eligible!

NOTE: Our comprehensive information packet includes a detailed description of the Homestudy/Homestudy update process, an estimate of the total fees for services rendered, and the payment schedule for these fees.

For more information regarding the Homestudy/Homestudy Update Services, please contact us at

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