In accordance with the laws of Jamaica, Creative Adoptions, Inc. does not provide direct child placing services to families wanting to adopt from Jamaica.  It is the Child Development Agency (CDA) of Jamaica that has the sole statutory responsibility governing the adoption process in Jamaica either through the License process in which prospective adoptive parents are granted legal guardianship of the identified child(ren) for the purposes of emigration and adoption in the prospective adoptive parents birth country or through the granting of a full and final adoption order in Jamaica.  As such, prospective adoptive families work directly with the CDA in regard to these procedures.

However, all U.S. citizens who reside in the U.S. must have a Primary Adoption Service Provider who is a Hague Accredited agency in accordance with the Universal Accreditation Act (UAA). Creative Adoptions, Inc. (C.A.I.) functions as a Primary Adoption Service Provider for families who are engaging in a parent-initiated adoption from Jamaica, whether they are adopting an identified child known to the family – either relative or non-relative – and/or a child who is a ward of the state.  These services include:

  • ongoing procedural consultation services regarding the CDA adoption process in Jamaica;
  • Homestudy services to Maryland residents or collaborative services through a interagency agreement with Homestudy providers of non-Maryland residents;
  • Provision of resources for pre-adoptive and post-adoptive parent education, training and counseling;
  • Guidance through the compilation of the formal adoption dossier documents for Jamaica;
  • Complete U.S. immigration and Consular guidance and assistance both in the U.S. and in Jamaica; and
  • Post-Placement/Post-Adoption supervision support services, including support through the finalization of the adoption in the U.S. for License cases.

For more information about our Procedural Consultation Services for Jamaica as a Primary Adoption Service Provider, and also to receive our information packet which includes our application materials, please contact us at either 301-596-1521 or at cai@creativeadoptions.org.
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